step 1:

Click the following link to download the iso file (2.42GB). win 7 chinese 32bit

step 2: choose method 1 OR method 2 but not both.

method 1:

download USB/DVD tool here (originally from microsoft owned website): click to download
install the Windows USB/DVD Download tool, if there is any problem, follow instructions here, (opens in a new window)
Insert the USB thumb drive to the computer, run USB/DVD tool, select the iso file, and start creating a boot up USB thumb drive.

method 2:

Alternatively, burn the iso on to a DVD disc instead. No need to download the USB/DVD tool or the USB drive. However, this requires a blank DVD disc and a DVD burer.

step 3:

insert either the USB or DVD, power on desktop computer, press "DEL" or "F1" "F3" when prompted to enter BIOS.
make the usb drive or DVD drive the first boot-up device
exit saving settings (usually F10)
installation will begin.